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Peering across the room tonight

I realize I'll be ok;

it hurts to lose the one you love

but that street is just a one-way.

It takes two hearts to drive that road

it takes two souls to steer;

when one sees open roads while the other sees curves

the ride is over, it appears.


I wish you had my vision,

I wish you had not hit the breaks

and fled the scene, leaving me only dreams

of the beautiful journey we would take.

For when the road seemed rocky

you flipped a quick u-turn;

my tank was filled but now runs dry

in this, life's intersection.


And now it seems I must drive alone

down empty one-way streets;

we could be on that highway now

instead of full retreat.

Alone I drive down dusky roads,

no lamps to light my way;

I strike out into the great unknown,

this one-way street I take.


But if you ever need a ride,

I'll surely stop for you;

I'll take the risk and pick you up

and together we'll start anew.

                        My God, there is no destination

                        that I would not travel with her,

                        I'd traverse the ocean on the bridge of my heart

                        if she'd believe and love endure.

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