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the end soon comes

            the time draws near

                        the curtain one day will close

i'll miss the life

            that could have been

                        and most i'll miss my son

i'll miss the chances

            that slipped away

                        i'll miss the love that's gone

and even the heartache

            and the pain

                        i'll miss them only some

i don't know what

            that day will be

                        i know not yet the time

i don't know what

            the means will be

                        i sense Death's hand sublime


i'll miss the trees

            i'll miss the stars

                        i'll miss my Colby's charm

i'll miss the chances

            come and gone

                        and the rapture in lover's arms

few will cry

            or truly weep

                        when I have come and gone

my words will die

            along with me

                        as well as the chance for love

regret for things

            i can't undo

                        is simply not enough

no room for trust

            or faith or love

                        from any here or above


soon fade I shall

            unto the dust

                        and none shall find my grave

had they believed

            in who I am

                        could i have surely been saved

yet nonetheless

            the time draws nigh

                        the shadowed dark draws near

one day i'll leave

            this world that cannot

                        trust because of fear

ironic how

            in everything

                        we see fear played no part

nothing was built

            without taking risks

                        there'd be nothing if fear gripped the heart


perhaps one day

            a soul like mine

                        will stand upon my grave

and wonder like i

            who this person was

                        if they took risks or were afraid

each life that passes

            from this world

                        is mere reflection of our own

if they found love

            in this faithless world

                        then they found more than anyone

but whether it

            be accident

                        or whether sheer heartbreak

i know there's nothing

            there's no real love

                        just hearts quick to forsake

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