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Let not language fail me as I sit in waxing dark

Hone my steely edge, bring inspiration to my heart

Like an empty vessel, fill me with words like sweet, sweet wine

Pain and inspiration fuel this destiny of mine

Noble and ignoble, wicked and divine

Righteous and undeserving, two parts of one whole mind

Imbibe me with the wisdom to ferret out Life's truth

Lift the veil and set the sail to journey in dark pursuit

If knowledge is truly power, why do I feel so powerless

It's not the knowledge but how it's applied that makes us courageous

I fought the fight, I lost and died, that part of me within

That struggles to find acceptance and love in a world of loveless Men

I faced the shame of mistakes once made, found healing from within

Ironic, now, that at my best, true love fled with the wind

And though I live a thousand years, nothing I do or say

Will ever convince or show evidence of my true and lasting change

Still, what does that say of others when they doubt we learn and grow

I weep at night not for myself, I weep for all the souls

Who seek forgiveness in their own way, seek love and acceptance

Who know that nothing they ever do will provide enough evidence

All that I can do now is to ask you take that risk

No one knows what the future brings, why can't we trust our bliss

For if there's no acceptance of the man I truly am

Then all is lost, when there's no trust, ourselves we only damn

For if we deny other's goodness and cannot embrace their change

We relegate ourselves to emptiness and shall not find the same


If you cannot trust and unconditionally accept me,

Who will trust and unconditionally accept you?

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