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Of the millions of species that have ever been,

we're blessed above them all

for we alone possess the precious trait of forgiveness

yet offer it to none.

Of all the inherent qualities

that set us apart from the animal world,

the traits of love and empathy

and acceptance most of all

elude us like the changing of the wind.

Neither intellect nor conscious thought

really mark our humanity,

but the ability to forgive ourselves

and to extend it unto all we meet.

So little separates us from the animals that have been,

yet the most sacred trait that we hold back

is the capacity to forgive.

Who was this man named Jesus

who possessed enlightenment?

He chose to ignore the bad in Man

and focus on the good.

And with forgiveness goes hand-in-hand

the choice to trust our fellow men

for when we cannot extend our faith

what hope is there for those

who seek to find

the trust

and love

of others?

No, we reap what we sow.

And when we sow mistrust and rejection

we cannot expect but to reap

the same.

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