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dawn has risen on my soul

  as it rises on this day

    last nights anguish waxed and waned

      as did my sorrow and pain

        i love myself i am ok

          im worthy of others love too

            im not the creature some may think

              but a man with healing wounds

                should i find rejection and mistrust

                  in everyone i meet

                    or should this world grow dark and cold

                      and words all cease to speak

                        and should the suns light cease to shine

                          and stars all fade away

                            and galaxies collide and end

                              i know i am ok

                                for nothing in this calloused world

                                  can sap my inner joy

                                    ive done my best like all the rest

                                      created more than ive destroyed

                                        the past is but an echo of

                                          the steps I take today

                                            to undo all the wrong ive done

                                              heal my and others pain

                                                and though a soul may never see

                                                  the integrity i have within

                                                    their fear and doubt and judgment throughout

                                                      accept me not as I am

                                                        still i alone will know for sure

                                                          my kind empathic heart

                                                            though none trust me i trust myself

                                                              and that sets me apart

                                                             i trust and give when wronged forgive

                                                                  what more can i say or do

                                                                    ive proved it every single day

                                                                      will prove it each day anew


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