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I thought it rather silly

            to await a call from you

your voice was once more silent like

            the tranquil ocean blue


Red moon rising in the East tonight

            stares down upon us both

I wonder if you're looking too

            as I ponder artist's quote:


Better to have lived and loved

            than never loved before,

The gulf that stands between us

            is too great for me to ignore


I thought that silence was surely worse

            than that from your own tongue

but what I heard tonight unreal

            your reasons for rejection.


I'd never hurt your tender heart

            I'd never leave your side

My fears, you see, were all I shared

            yet you internalized


But when I think through clearly

            it suddenly dawns on me

that you were seeking anything

            to justify leaving


For happiness and acceptance

            given unconditionally

stared you starkly in the face

            yet something made you flee


I think that you are worthy

            of unconditional love

yet things you shared make me believe

            that you cannot accept true love


You said you find it hard to see

            the good within your soul

and when you found in me that faith

            you fled. How could I know?


You are a worthy woman

            you deserve a loving man

Someone who simply accepts you

            for both the good and for the bad


I realize now your wounded heart

            cannot truly believe

that you are worth my pure, true love

            so you find a doubt and leave


At you I can't be angry

            I can't feel just my pain

for your heart cries out beneath your doubts 

            I sense your ego's stain


I wish you would believe that

            you are worthy of real love

no pedestal I place you on

            just faith that's from Above


We're meant to be together

            you thought – and said – as much

and though I may never see you again

            I have to tell you thus:


You know within your heart, I feel

            you sense the Truth in me

I'll never hurt or betray your trust:

            I love you unconditionally.


So when you find you're ready again

            to accept me as I am

know this: I'll patiently await your love;

            You're worth it, a soul's true friend.


And if you don't return to me

            well, that is ok too

I have self-worth and self-respect

            with or without you. 

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