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Love is but a vanity and chasing after wind

what profit comes to man, he wrote

from all he toils to gain


Days of sorrow and of grief

is all that he will sow

and when his head lays down at night

only sorrow will he know


One lot befalls them both

the fool and the wise are the same

one walks in dark, one walks in light

yet same fate both remain


A time to laugh, a time to cry

a time to awaken and sleep

the victims tears all fall in vain

no comfort shall they see


Whether forgiven or forgotten

all is vanity

for nothing lasts that shall not pass

forgotten memory


Nothing we do to ease the pain

will ever, ever mend

love shall come and love shall flee

like dust upon the wind


The good the bad, the wise the sad

all face their destiny

for death is surely preferable:

blessed those who never see


They shant know pain, they shant know bliss

no heartache or harmony

no bitter regret for things they did

will haunt their memory


The sun will rise, the sun will set

upon both good and bad

and some will give and some will get

and few will ever have


What profits one to have so much

and lack nothing but love

the love of other men and self

withheld for whom he was


And some will rise and some will sleep

and both will surely sin

and some find love while others weep

to never be forgiven


There's nothing good, the wise man wrote

than to eat and drink and drown with mirth

the pain that all men know


For all is bitter vanity

and a chasing after wind

remorse and change are meaningless

when soul's mate cannot forgive


For me, the silken cord is cut

the gold bowl is broke

the search for acceptance: vanity

and love ever revoked.


All hope is now but vanity

            and a chasing after wind...

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