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The chains you wield are heavier than the chains on Marley's soul

That bind me to you heart so pure, so good and so noble

The pain that oozes from your heart is like a salve to me

That fills my own with tenderness, respect and empathy


Bind me tight your heart tonight how can I say goodbye

I've waited long for love to come and fill my hollow nights

Though cast I was into the sea, a desert dark and deep

Your chains they pulled me from the depths that sleepless lovers sleep


Now cast into that sea again I've lost all, even hope

There is no one who loves me true to cast a line or rope

To drift again in Silence in this cold and chilling sea

I thrust my hand into the air and find a frigid breeze


Yet other chains there are that bind me tighter than your own

These links are strong that bind my soul to the only son I've sown

And if I never, ever know what our future could have been

At least I have my child's love, though not the love of Man


But even the love of a child cannot fill my every need

Some things will never find release and for that part I grieve

I wish I had never met you, wish I'd never dropped my guard

Your chains are like a prison from which I cannot free my heart

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