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The time we spent together was a special time for me,

a time that I shall ner' forget, a perfect harmony.

You loved for but a moment, I loved for eternity,

a love that I will always keep though just not meant to be.


I guess I read too much into those nights I shared with you

as time itself just seemed to stop, with passion full imbued.

My strange imaginations of the life that we now shared

went up in smoke like tattooed flames, illusion darkly stared.


Oh foolish dream that somehow seemed, real within my mind,

and words I shared best left unbared; my feelings made me blind.

This night here now we spend apart provides stark evidence

that what I felt for you inside was just not common sense.


For if you felt the same, indeed, I know you'd be here now,

yet lying in this empty bed . . .

                                                   my heart lies in Death's shroud.


Goodbye, good luck, so long, adieu, I bear you no ill will.

I pray to god – if it exists – you find happiness still.

For me?  Those night of happiness are ashes in the wind.

Still know, my love, that to my grave none shall compare, 1N.

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