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take no chance

            you'll find no gain

assume no risk

            you die in vain

move too slow

            you will be passed

look behind

            live in the past


for what life offers you today

will surely pass like fleeting rain

here a moment to nourish you

then dried and gone like morning dew


or flowers in the summer breeze

their petals fall no more to see

or maybe like an autumn wind

that takes the leaves and scatters them


make no move

            you'll go nowhere

close your eyes

            you're ever scared

wield no sword

            your battle lost

spend no coin

            they turn to rust


season upon season unfolds

bones grow weary days grow old

dust will fill your coffin sure

like wine that turns to vinegar


one chance you have at happiness

to grasp the ring forget the past

uncertainty that holds you back

will fill your soul with heart's regret


fold your cards

            you'll never know

close your heart

            your love will go

assume no risk

            you'll find no gain

take no chance

            you die in vain

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