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there is no god

   there is no love

      there is no hope

         found from above

            there is no truth

               there is no trust

                  there is no faith

                     just graves ‘n dust

                        there is no knowledge

                           there is no form

                              there is no redemption

                                 or souls reformed

                                    there is no beauty

                                       there is no sin

                                          there is no esthetic

                                             without or within

                                                there is no happiness

                                                   there is no joy

                                                      there is no rhyme

                                                         we can employ

                                                            there is no right

                                                               there is no wrong

                                                                  there is no passion

                                                                     to hold lifelong

                                                                        there is no day

                                                                           there is no night

                                                                              there is no tale

                                                                                 of starry knight

                                                                                    there is no joy

                                                                                       there is no sadness

                                                                                          there is no reason

                                                                                             to calm the madness

                                                                                                there is no word

                                                                                                   there is no deed

                                                                                                      there is no goal

                                                                                                         to fail or succeed

                                                                                                            there is no heaven

                                                                                                               there is no hell


                                                                                                                     constructs dispelled

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