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Your silence said it all

            no more words to say

I heard it in the hollow sound

            the dying of the day;


Nothing more to speak

            words no more ring true

only silence resonates in

            the halls of heartfelt gloom;


The sound of certain silence

            speaks with thunderous roar

louder than the mightiest voice

            the closing of this door;


Silenced are the words

            chosen not to speak

cold and empty, leave my heart

            and mind but tired and weak;


Subtle is the silence

            which whispers soft to me

telling me in more than words

            it’s just not meant to be;


Silence, tears are falling

            noiseless strike the ground

filling me with nothing more

            than hollow, empty sound;


Hush now hear the silence

            of words no longer spoke

the lights are dimmed the stage grows cold

            reality uncloaked;


Silent are the words

            I heard you clearly say

a fool I was and ignorant of

            these motley games mimes play;




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