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Thesis Sentence

Textual Challenges and the Unknowable In Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants"

Deconstructing Choices: A Post-Structuralist Reading of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

Taking the Ghost's Word: Transcendence and the Rationale of Hamlet's Choices in William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Analyzing Conflict in Ibsens A Doll House

Pedagogy and Methodology

A Contrast and Comparison of Teaching Methodology

A Tale of Two Conferences: Comparing Practical Methodologies in Side-by-Side Conferencing with ESL and NES Students

Temperament Theory

The Guardian

The Artisan

The Rational

The Idealist

ENFP: an assessment


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Jim Dixon's Transformation: A Comparison and Contrast of Margaret Peel and Christine Callaghan in Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim

A Contrast and Comparison of Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim and Iris Murdoch's Under the Net

Anthropology: A Reflection on "Being"

I "Herd" It Through the Grapevine:

Euro-centrism in Behn's Oroonoko or The Royal Slave A True History

Kinship in Turnbull's The Forest People

Child-Rearing in Turnbull's The Forest People

Cultural Identity in Turnbull's The Forest People and Thomas' The Harmless People

John Milton: Capstone Class

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