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Bitter falls late autumn’s rain

That brought you into my life

Leaves that rustle in the wind

The drops that tumble rife;

Rivulets that run and flow

Like icy fingers that

Cascade across my upturned face

As tears from whence begat;

Softly rolls the thunderous sounds

Which echo in my heart

Gently beating in my chest

A crumbling rampart;

Awakenings I sense inside

Not felt in quite awhile

Dormant lay the molten thoughts

That stir me from exile;

They creep and burst from cracks and faults

‘neath outer crust of calm

 The rain that steams when two they meet

Heralds coming of maelstrom;

Inside my head the thoughts I dread

That rattle like the storm

The rationale that buries it all

To quell and make conform;

Though try I may to stay the rain

That ripples down my soul

The storm without the storm within

Is powerless to control;

The Mind it speaks its treachery

Against the treasonous Heart

Who dares discard my feeble thoughts

Which slowly all depart;

The skin is cracked the wounds expose

The turmoil from within

Mingling with the pouring rain

Like wine our souls akin;

This inner well I know so well

Which longs to gently pour

Its river of passionate intimacy

Flows forth held back no more;

Yet in the mind which knows so well

The cost of tragedy

A ship set sail in the torrent hail

And Sirens sweet melody;

October rains will pass one day

And so will pass our lives

The snows will fall spring rains will come

To wash our tear-stained eyes;

But always and forever more

When autumn sounds refrain

I’ll think upon as drops fall down

Our soul’s October rain.

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