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Tragic it is to be filled with hope

            In a world where hope has died

To bear one’s heart with honest words

            Where honesty’s traded for lies

To burst with passion from the soul

            When passion’s an empty well

Or live the dream that soulmates dream

            Where dreams are all dispelled

To give one’s heart unselfishly

            Where hearts are calloused and crushed

To write the words from deep within

            When words all fade to dust.


For all is folly and foolishness

            In a world where true love’s scorned

Where whispers of the heart are hushed

            And logic cold adorned

I’d trade it all if trade I could

            This lonely, passionless life

Where choices poor and desperate

            Now cut me like a knife


You see…

To finally find my heart’s desire

            And lift the veil to see

What I have searched for all my life

            In a “ubiquitous cup of coffee”

What more to say?  What lines are left?

            What words may I impart?

What actions noble can I take

            To win your leery heart?

Afraid to give, afraid to live

            To take uncertain chance

That you’ll repeat mistakes you’ve made

            Like castles in the sand


Yet heed me now this final plea

            Like sackcloth rent in two

For once and for all I bear my soul

            I risk it all for you

For life is short and bitter are

            The chances we reject

That come and go but once in life

            Long shadows of regret

Our days lay numbered in this world

            A cold, uncaring place

What better way to spend our lives

            In each one’s warm embrace

I’ll nurture you and cherish you

            With love so grand and deep

That poets for a thousand years

            Will celebrate and weep


So listen to the gentle call

            Your heart beckons within

I feel it in your tender words

            And when your eyes glisten

The choice that lies before us now

            Is just a leap of faith

I’ll bless the day I make you mine

            My sweet, oh sweet soulmate. 

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