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Why does the electron love the proton

and the atom love the cell

why does the molecule love the protein

like the oyster loves its shell


why does the cell love the tissue

and the body love its skin

why does the heart love imagination

like the child loves its twin


why does the moon love the earth

and the earth love the sun

why does the sun love the planets

like a mother loves her son


why does the creation love the Creator

like the Creator loves all things

why do I love you, Mariposa

like a butterfly loves its wings?


I’ll tell you why . . .


because one without the other

just would not be the same

because the fire needs to breathe

like a moth to a flame


because all things have a reaction

when an action acts on things

because the dark without the light

is like a bird that never sings


because the clouds without the sky

just simply could not be

because a star without a cluster

would be a lonely galaxy


because in the end I need you

like I need the very air

for when I gaze into your eyes

I see God everywhere.


That’s why I love you.

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