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Verse 1

Never in the world have I been

So enamored

With anybody

For your spirit, your soul, your very


You’ve given so much

Of yourself

To me so freely

I am humbled by your tenderness

Your goodness

You’re everything to me


Oh, Mariposa



What was it that led you to me

In my hour of need

Was it a God, was it an angel

Was it a force beyond us both indeed?

All I know is that you’re here with me

And for all you are

I dedicate by being to you

My heart, my soul, near or far

You shower me with kindness

Affection and with love

And in return I offer you

My never dying love


Verse 2

Oh Mariposa, I have found in you

A soul like mine

Fiery, eternal,

So generous and tender and kind

A love

That will span generations both

In space and even time

Time to love, time to laugh

Time to heal

You’re everything to me


Oh Mariposa


Repeat Chorus



I’ll always

Love you

My sweet dragon

Mi mariposa


I’m here for you

You’re here for me


Repeat Chorus

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