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Some have sung of harmony

            of two souls meant to be

Like the waxing and the waning

            of the moon and of the sea

Others tell the epic tale

            of love that cannot be

Like Romeo and Juliet

            deep poison none may see

Still more write well in rosy tales

            of love lorn chivalry

The spark that flies, the spark that dies

            the thorn that cuts and bleeds

Those who mold in stone or gold

            shape love for centuries

In paints so rare, the lovers dare

            grasp dreams of eternity




Yet dreams are for the dreamer

            who wiles away the day

And history for historians

            who scrape mold and decay

And chivalry a remnant

            of kingdoms in dismay

While roses fade and whither

            their blooms last only days

The young are but untainted

            by life's unsettling truth

Loss, despair and bitterness

            will jade their foolish youth

Songs will be forgotten

            and words will fade away

The moon and seas begotten

            with the sun will burn away


All Lies...


And in the end, our sorrow -

            it too shall pass unseen

No one to mourn or hold us

            as we lay by shattered dreams

Quietly now, I see it

            though all in fear deny

Even now it fades away

            the lonely bitter cry

Better to have never been

            born, the wise shall say

Than live and love unloved and lose

            and curse the darkened day

For all we see -  illusion

            constructs to fight our fear

The laugh, the cry, the emptiness

            all shall disappear



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