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Can Thomas Jefferson wear a keffiyeh?

Now we have it, straight from the White House. The Iranians. They are the ones behind the terrorism. Taking a page out of their own book, the Bush administration is crying "wolf" once again by claiming they now have evidence that the Iranians are behind the violence in Iraq ( Recall prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003 that evidence - most of it fabricated - shown in press conferences and to the United Nations general assembly reinforced the idea that Hussein was in imminent possession of nuclear materials for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). It was this false testimony that led to the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent fall of Hussein's regime.

Now, beside the fact that Bush vowed not become a "nation builder" in the 2000 election, our efforts to install and support a democratic government are precarious at best. The likelihood of a Jeffersonian democracy arising in the Middle East is equivalent to a snowball making it in Hades. With the revelation of the faulty intelligence interpretations that severed the tenuous ties between Iraq and Al-Qaida, the administration now finds itself having to fabricate a new series of intelligence allegations to stave off falling support for the war. Hence, we have Iran.

Is it not curious, though, that after nearly four years of fighting in Iraq, officials are just now noticing that some of the pieces of insurgent bombs are inscribed "Made in Iran?" Either someone in the field has made a gross oversight for many years or the credibility of the evidence now being touted as genuine is, in fact, fallacious. In the end, we all must make choices and side with those whom we find most believable. Yet like villagers in the story of the little boy who cried "wolf," we must be certain that false claims do not take us in again.

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