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How do you say goodbye

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Verse 1

I tried my best

It just wasn’t enough

Put love to the test

It all turned to dust

I said all the words

Feels like wasted breath

I poured out my heart

My heart left for dead



How do you say goodbye

When she won’t talk to you

How do you learn to deal

When the pain overwhelms you

How do you just go on

Where there’s so much left unsaid

How do you heal your heart

When your heart has been mislead


Verse 2

There’s no more to say

Her mind is made up

Tried to leave the door open

But she just gave up

She searched long and hard

‘til she found a reason

This wild ride we were on

Was really her creation




Verse 3

Don’t try to find blame

Or be bitter of heart

Just find your own way

Your better off apart

There’s things she must do

She’d have left you anyway

Her heart can’t commit

No, she ain’t ready





There’ll come a day

You’ll be OK

You’ll find your soulmate

Don’t lose your way

Dry your eyes

Someday you’ll find

A heart that’s true

And wants the same thing, too . . .


The same thing, too . . .


She’ll wanna love

And be loved by you

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