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. . . Osama bin Laden? It seems to me that in all the hoopla of diverting money from the legitimate war on terror in Afghanistan to fund the planning and execution of the war on Saddam Hussein (, the real culprit behind 9/11 goes untouched.

Now out of respect for all our armed forces, I understand that the hunt for al Qa'ida's notorious leader is ongoing, and I would neither ask nor expect that the details on his hunt would ever be revealed in an effort to protect our intelligence gathering capabilities and community. However, I am not alone in saying that it galls me that the denizen of Islamic evil is sitting somewhere other than in a prison. Meanwhile, another figure sits in prison - no less deserving, I admit - yet I must question still the motives for so much time and energy (in terms of both money and in human lives) being spent in a country that at best was marginally involved in exporting terror (

In all the media-hype about Iraq and the insurgency, elections, and the ensuing drawdown, it could easily appear to those outside of the "decision making" process (i.e.- 99.9% of Americans) that the search for bin Laden has taken a back burner. Perhaps it's just not "current" enough to make good headlines and sell newspapers or top the Nielsen ratings, but were I in a position of more political/social influence, I would do my utmost to ensure that his name is a daily focus, both in governmental policy and in the minds of the public.

I believe I speak for many of us when I say that 9/11 will never be forgotten. It's just too bad that our elected officials and mass media appear to have... Have you forgotten, too?


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