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On Science

Bioethics, HIV, and the Black Death

RNAi and Hope for AIDS Victims

Parthenogenesis and Virgin Births

On Politics

Pakistani Autocracy: Too Close to Home?

Little Boy Who Cried Wolf

Critical Response to Ahmadinejad's Letter

Ahmadinejad's Letter to the U.S.

Combating Ideology

"...One Nation, Under Allah..."

Justifying Inaction in the War Against Terror

A Free Press in Denmark

Bush's Data Mining Policy

Where in the World is . . .

On Faith

Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World

Eco-conservatism and Religion

Testing Faith

The Fabric of God's Mind

Justifying Islamic Extremism

It's a Mystery

Conflict of Original Sin & Evolution

Blaise Pascal's Wager: A Flaw

A Lesson in Selective Morality

Ordained of God: A Litmus Test

Pascal's Wager

Conflicts of Christian Darwinists

On Philosophy


Xenoaesthetics: Redefining the Mundane

Morality and Social Constructs

Natural Order: Contrived or Inherent?

On Pop Culture


Aliens Among Us? A Perspective

Pop Culture's Influence on Politics

What if We All Had Tails?

On Technology

Driving Web-based Traffic

Global Warming and Human Migration

On Education

Intelligent Design Legal Decision

The Personal Essay

A personal essay reveals something about you . . .

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