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Dr. Lisa Knopp

Narrative Nonfiction 8966

Profile Candidates

16 Sep 2007


Larry Lentz

Resident of Loup County, Taylor, Nebraska, along junction of State Highway 91 and 183.

Larry's home, conspicuously located on the outskirts of Taylor, NE, appears as little more

than a junkyard, cars and other various items strewn about the yard.  He tells me that the State

has been to his home several times to take photos, condemning his property as a junkyard.

Placed in plain view for all travelers along highways 91 and 183 to see is a tall pole bearing

the national flags of China, Mexico, and India.  Both his wife, an instructor and PhD

candidate at the University of North Dakota, and his daughter were murdered in their apartment more than 20 years ago, the crime still unsolved.  Larry has a fascinating take on what it is to   be American.  since childhood, he has had a malignant tumor on his spine and has been

operated on several times.


Rose Cattau

Resident of Platte County, Creston, Nebraska, along State Highway 91.

Rose wrote the book Creston Centennial History: 1890-1990 although she only graduated

from elementary school.  It is an impressive tome!  She helped lead the failed effort to get

the Creston Swimming Pool, constructed in 1917 by Dr. Harry G. Morris, into the Nebraska

State Historical Society.  It is an impressive site for a town of  214 residents.  Rose has spent

30 years growing prize winning irises, several varieties that are unique among the genus. 

She is in charge of organizing a massive community-wide breakfast effort held on the first

Sunday of the hunting season, and from this one day event – which happens to draw visitors

from many states – she helps raise enough money to pay for the pool's annual payroll and

maintenance budget.


Grace Brodeky

Resident of Colfax County, Howells, Nebraska along State Highway 91.

Grace is the town's assistant librarian at a spry 88 years old. She is considered by the Howells

Historical Museum's president, Marian Wiemann, to be the foremost authority on the history

of the community.  Grace told the story of the flood of June 4th 1991 that nearly destroyed much

of the   town and of the efforts of members of the community to salvage items from the

museum.  She  had a very acute perspective on the role of culture and heritage, lamenting the

loss of our history with each passing generation she has witnessed. 

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