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Loved by the one

            who can't fill my needs

unloved by the Other

            who can

the irony is

            that she'd take me back now

yet that path I just can't

            trod again

though love for our son

            is our only real bond

all else feels but empty

            and sad

the only true one

            to accept me as I am

when the Other sees only

            the bad


The one I want not

            the Other I can't have

 shall anyone ever

            want me

shunned and ashamed

            Other's heart fast withdrawn

if only with third eye

            she'd see

left here all alone

            in the dark and the cold

I could wallow in sure


still I alone know

            given a chance I could show

the world, yet no chance they

            give me


So I grin and I bear

            Scarlet Letter I wear

my compassion for all counts

            for naught

no time can I do

            no punishment enough

only anguish and pain have

            I bought

yet that price is so high

            I sometimes want to die

a thousand lives wouldn't pay

            the cost

these tears that I bleed

            the anguish that seethes

what more can I give?

            All is lost.


What more can I do?

            All is dust . . .

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