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42 days without even a word

42 days had passed 'til I heard

ten thousand more will pass now before

our words will matter to none evermore


42 days and I cannot say

good or bad, like the wind it just fades

42 days of silent remorse

how can I respond, reticent, of course


42 days what will you attain

if closure you need, I grant you the same

42 days nothing really changed

what meaning mere words from hearts found estranged


42 days and all that I hear

words that I knew, that I openly feared

42 days I needed much more

my own needs take second place as before


42 days if forgiveness you need

you have it, so there, your guilt now relieved

42 days now all's good and well

conscious assuaged, discomfort is quelled


42 days and that leaves me . . . where?

trouble your heart not with my useless cares

42 days, you feel much better now

free you I do, now live happy somehow


42 days and your conscious unfettered

disposed of the Monster, now you'll sleep much better

42 days so be glad you escaped

soil not your thoughts with this creature Men hate


forgiven, absolved, released from regret

now seek what you need, this nightmare forget

42 days but My Wish still holds true

42 days now find all you need to

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