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My soulmate died

ten years ago

though then

I did not see or know

or sense the Truth

that MT saw or knew

Calcutta slums

in which you dwelled

MT within

your secrets held

no solace knew

your soul

but only pain

the emptiness you

held within

the darkness all

you felt and sin

the love you held

for Man you only knew

for all else proved

but bitter lies

the knowledge that

you held inside

withdrawn from all

the love of God or Man

no faith your soul

contained within

yet in all you stood

by compassion

for those you saw

in abject hopelessness

a soulmate true

in everything

you showed to me

we could have been

twin hearts inside

and deep within

our intellect the same

in all we know

humility and passion real

you felt it then

and now I feel

at one with all

two hearts that deeply bleed

I feel you now

though you reside

in earthen clay

your body hides

and now my own

must suffer what you did

and though I shun

your strength to vow

still all humanity


with love

I feel nothing but companion

for those in spirit

dark and poor

I share your love

and do adore

those who have


but choose to live

and darkness dwell

we share yet more

our compassion

for the prison's poor

who suffer every day

I feel

humanity we share

though you were great

and I am not

still I find

some tiny part

of my essence entwined

with selfless yours

my soulmate from

some era past

you dedicate while I


your courage shall I

ever praise

my soul longs for your heart

to touch my own

if only I could

but for a day

walk in your blessed

steps I'd take

some part of you along

my journey too

I feel you in

though you are gone

my soul longs for

your passion strong

and talk with you about

the things we weigh

you saw the Truth

and still you hid

though had you but

unveiled and with

your knowledge endowed me

with insight grim

I'd long be past

where I am now

but thankful for

the words you let

slip from your pen

unto your confidants

so stand here now

I understand

my soulmate's heart

in compassion

I feel

for you

and know

that truer


have never resonated

within me

like yours,


I see it too

Our intellect as one

we both see True.

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