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since nothing I can say or do

will ever past return anew

unto your words I've naught to say

the ending of this heart torn day

a soul was quickly turned to stone

Medusa's serpent head was shown

to rock it turned my heart hard too

so little now I say or do

will ever make my heart renew


petrified stone cold


so take remorse and take regret

for neither fill my heart instead

just go your way and don't turn back

leave me unto my heart's fell path

to walk alone I grant this fate

is hard but greater pain I take

at knowing there is none for me

rejection blunt and misery

will ever prod the world to see


a hard and frozen soul


I stand alone here in the night

stone hard stone cold stone dead inside

for nothing more resides within

'cept fear and pain vow never again

no arrows loosed no narrow shafts

shall raze my heart burnt to the last

and still this statue stands inside

obsidian in the dark shall hide

opaque to all none shall confide


a heart grown hard as stone

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