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Scene 1




                                    Commander, sensors are picking up a Bajoran vessel

                                    coming from the Gamma Quadrant.  (pause)  It's warp

                                    engines are emitting an unusually high level of

                                    radiation.  They may have lost the integrity of their

                                    warp engine coils.  (turns to look at Sisko)



                                    Open a hailing frequency.  This is commander Benjamin

                                    Sisko.  We're reading signs of a warp core breach on

                                    your ship.  Are you able to eject the warp engine coil?


            Visual communication with the vessel is very poor.  Audio communication has

            some static.



                                    This is Captain Jaren Vorlanna of the Regal IV.


            CLOSE-SHOT of Kira who appears stunned when she hears the name.



                                    We've lost partial hall integrity on the engineering

                                    decks and are having difficulties removing the warp

                                    coil.  Our computer won't respond.  We're attempting

                                    to access the override command functions from

                                    auxiliary control.



                                    Commander, plasma radiation emission have risen to

                                    critical levels.  A warp core breach is imminent.


            Kira looks horrified by the news as she stares at the view screen.  She draws her

            hands up close to her, nervous.  Everyone in Ops is now staring at the screen.



                                    (looking towards O'Brian)  Chief, can we transport

                                    anyone out of there?



                                    (shakes his head while working at his console)  No

                                    commander.  There's too much interference from the

                                    radiation to get a positive lock-on.



                                    (turning to peer at the screen, deeply concerned)

                                    Captain Jaren?  (no response)  Captain Jaren?



                                    (long pause)  Commander Sisko, the warp coil has

                                    been successfully ejected.


            A sigh of relief is heard from all within Ops.  Kira is still quite disconcerted and




                                    But we're still experiencing a lot of residual emissions

                                    from the plasma conduits, and I've got a lot of

                                    injured crew aboard.  Request permission to dock.



                                    Permission granted.  (turns to Dax)  Dax, notify Dr.

                                    Bashir in sick bay that he'll have patients arriving

                                    shortly.  (turning to Kira)  Major, I need you in docking

                                    bay six to greet Captain Jaren and assist him in the

                                    removal of any injured to sick bay.  I'll meet you

                                    there shortly.


            Kira hesitates before moving toward the turbo lift.  She appears a little

            preoccupied in her thoughts.



                                    Yes commander.


            KIRA EXITS.  Sisko and Dax  look at one another, puzzled by Kira's expression.

            Dax shrugs her shoulders.


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