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Return to me from whence you came,

return unto the sea,

the sea of my heart is great enough

to shelter you and me.


My heart: it’s filled and overflows

with tender soul’s desire;

your heart: it shifts like sands or tides

that quenches new lit fire.


And though my mind says never again,

my heart heals even now,

too bold, too large to drift for long,

too true to ever drown.


And though experience has taught

my head to judge the mark,

my heart’s the final Captain, here,

in all that I embark.


No regrets – would I brave it again?

No greater storm I’ll risk,

a lifeline of love I offer you

a raft in pain’s blue abyss.


Though ebb and flow, wax and wane,

your heart may one day return;

two as one, all forgiven,

no bridges will I burn.


And though I know you’ll cast me again -

so fickle is your soul –

a season with you is surely worth

an ocean of hurt I’ll know.


As streams pour into rivers

and rivers run into the sea,

so will your dear love one day flow.

Return, my love, to me.

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